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Rand McNally GPS integration released

Rand McNally is a leading provider of trucking & logistics devices. Set a dispatched trip�s start and end time / date, and WinLogistix will import trip route grouped by state / province and distance travelled from vehicle�s GPS. Route data used for IFTA reporting and driver pay. 
Visit Rand McNally�s website
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BOL (Bill of Lading)

Bill of Lading released. Feature allows selection for each pick & drop with a trip with multiple orders / shippers & receivers. Generate BOL for dispatched trips in Trip>Setup screen.

ESS Fuel import added

Fuel import format #8 added: ESS fuel purchase excel file data import is now available under Trips>Import Fuel Purchase. Simply save the downloaded excel file as CSV format. Upload fits fuel purchases to trips automatically, and highlights data for unmatched purchases. A universal import interface also available for generic data import.

Pro Miles add-on for routing & mileage released

Pro Miles add-on for trip route & mileage is now available:
- Calculates trip route from dispatched picks and drops
- Inserts jurisdiction mileage / odometer for IFTA reporting
- Use routing data for driver pay & owner operator settlement

To signup for an account please email [email protected] with the following details:
Email Subject: PRIME Activation: Company Name
Contact name: First name, Last name
Email address
Physical or mailing address
Contact phone number
Company name
Billing: Client

Call Sales 800-324-8588 x227
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PC Miler change of Terms of Use & Pricing

PC Miler access for WinLogstix clients will not be available after mid September as their Terms of Use & Pricing have changed.
To continue using PC Miler integrated with WinLogistix, a new account with PC Miler is required. Visit pcmiler.com or contact sales 1.800.377.6453.

New Log Book rules released

New Hours of Services rules effective 1 Jul 2013 are now available. 

Mileage Summary in Driver Settlement

Option to display in/outbound stops in Driver Trip(s) Settlement is now available and can be updated from Driver Setup screen. 

Huskey Fuel Import released

Huskey fuel purchase report can now be uploaded via file import. File is accepted without any editing, and will automatically assign fuel to the correct trips. 

TransNet Fuel Import released

TransNet fuel purchase report can now be uploaded to WinLogistix. File is accepted without any editing, and will auto assign fuel records to the correct trip.

iTrack GPS integration released

Affordable and feature rich GPS solutions from iTrack. Track assets, monitor trucks and generate trip routes for IFTA filing and compliance audit. 
Visit iTrack GPS website

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